New York City may be at the cutting edge of all that is hip, new and in fashion, but it also offers plenty of places that pay homage to the past. After all, Delmonico’s, one of the first restaurants in the country, opened in downtown NYC in the late 19th century. From there, you have grand Midtown institutions such as Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star The Plaza Hotel and Five-Star The St. Regis New York that have promote More →

A lifetime is not enough to see everything ancient Rome has left us. While there are well-known relics like the Colosseum, many don’t realize that a large chunk of the ancient civilization is preserved underground. Even better, you can go beneath the surface and witness it for yourself. Inhabited since 10th century B.C., Rome kept increasing in size until the end of the empire in the 5th century. Sites such as the Baths of More →

When it comes to great places to enjoy your precious time away from work, Europe is on the top of my list. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a romantic retreat with that special someone, relax and unwind on the beach or explore some of the world’s greatest museums, Europe really does have it all! Paris, London and Rome are obvious choices, but if you’re on a mission to escape the other tourists and discover somet More →

Settled by Puritans in the 1600s, Boston has been defined and shaped by its history for nearly 400 years. The spirit of American independence was born in the city, and the sights that commemorate the vital role that the Sons of Liberty played in the Revolutionary War attract visitors from around the world. Whether taking in a game at Fenway Park, strolling along the new Harborwalk or enjoying a clambake on an island beach, Boston is an attractive travel destination for More →

Britain has always had a proud aviation heritage brimming with heroic war stories but when it comes to great British aviation, there are three landmark vintage airplanes that are still the pride of Britain’s skies. We’ve picked out our favourite luxury flying experiences to give you a taste of the thrill and the history behind these classic aircrafts. These are our ultimate British flight experiences that are not to be missed for any aerial adventurer. The Tiger Moth, Dorset Step back in time to 1930s Britain and feel the wind whip past in your open cockpit as you take the wheel of a bea... More →

Weerapong Chaipuck is an absolute master of low-light and long exposure photography. His pictures are like somebody can only assume how perfectly they are taken. He uses Photoshop, but the stunning colours in his landscape pictures are primarily due to his sense of timing. Check out the Beauty of photography…. More →

I’ve found that in life, efficiency and health are keys to a happy (not to mention productive) existence. This plays perfectly into my role as a cyclist and CEO. Between meetings, deadlines, training rides and other traveling obligations, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This is why I’m a huge advocate for pre-packed meals. They are easy, healthy, and exactly what you want and need for a break in the day. Throughout my travels, I often find myself at some of the most high-end, upscale restaurants in the worl More →

Enormously diverse, America harbors an astounding collection of natural and cultural wonders, from teeming cities to rugged mountains. The United States comprises 50 states, as well a federal district. For the purpose of this list we divided these states into 10 distinct regions. An overview of what the US has to offer: More →

The "theft" of the Big Mango in Queensland has thrown the spotlight on something of a roadside cult phenomenon in Australia - the many, varied "Big Things" (note capital letters) that have sprouted up, mostly in rural towns all around the country. This recent midnight robbery is likely to be a giant hoax, just in case anyone had any doubts about the logic of stealing a three-storey high, immensely unwieldy fibreglass fruit. But it does reflect, in a roundabout way, the newfound respect for the gaudy structures that have popped up all around Australia. Once derided as kitsch tourist attraction... More →

We'll just let the stats tell the tale. Made up of two adjacent mountains, Whistler/Blackcomb boasts nearly 13 square miles of skiable terrain with more than 200 trails, 16 bowls, four terrain parks, three glaciers, a seven-mile-long run and a vertical drop that exceeds 5,000 feet. This ridiculous opulence is serviced by a veritable city-sized base village, with almost one hundred restaurants and lodging options to fit a wide range of lifestyles. It hosted the 2010 Olympics without batting an eye, so it'll eas More →

It’s no accident that half term is one of the busiest periods for the ski industry. It’s an opportunity for parents to take their children for a weeks skiing and a lot of parents do just that, creating a mini boom, mid-season. One thing guaranteed to make that week a success is a family friendly chalet with facilities on offer to please all age ranges. Here we present 5 of the best. Chaletneuf du Tenne, Chatel Nestled high and standing proud above the charming mountain village of Chatel, this delightful luxury ski chalet has magnificent panoramic More →

China is enormous. Even assuming that travel is limited to the eastern half of the country, the latter is larger than the whole of Europe. Getting an authentic China experience can prove difficult because of its size, and the propensity to be stuck in tourist traps and mobbed by crowds. For the ultimate ‘Real China Experience’, here are the five must-see destinations: Shanghai Shanghai is a vibrant, glorious city, and the epitome of the luxury experience. There is no end to the pampering you can treat yourself to, but Shanghai also has an astonishing historical legacy enabling you to m... More →

Norfolk in East Anglia has some of the most beautiful scenery in England and is the ideal place to get away from it all. With miles of coastline and stunning nature reserves, there are plenty of opportunities for birdwatching, fishing and wildlife-spotting. Whether you choose to cycle, walk, or ride one of the historic railways, there are some charming towns and villages to stop off at along the way. A highlight of any visit to this party of the world is a boat trip on The Norfolk B More →

With February here already, there’s only 10 more months to make good on that New Year’s resolution to stay fit. It can be difficult to work toward your health-centric goal when traveling, but your nutrition kick doesn’t have to be put on hold. Whether your goal is to eat healthier or get in touch with your inner Zen, th More →